Archie and Friends 117-A

Comic Book by Archie, May 01 2008
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Archie and Friends 117-A by Archie
Archie and Friends 117-A by Archie


Cover Price:$2.25
Publish Date:MAY 01 2008
Sale Date:MAR 12 2008
Content:CCA Approved


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*“Archie World Tour Part 1 of 4: Double-A Seven: When Archie and friends embark on a whirlwind world tour, their first stop is London, where they soon find themselves embroiled in an international spy mystery! This is the first Archie Comics story by acclaimed writer and children’s art advocate Alex Simmons. In a career spanning 20 years, Alex has written juvenile mystery novels, stage plays, documentaries, biographies and more. Additionally, he travels the country as a guest speaker and a teaching artist conducting creative writing workshops, and is also the Educational Outreach Director for New York City’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. In the midst of all this, he somehow finds the time to be a voice-over artist for commercials and podcasts, AND runs a family-friendly kids comics convention each year!


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