Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1992
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Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 1-A by Marvel
Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect 1-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$5.95
Publish Date:DEC 01 1992


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"Future Imperfect, Part 1 of 2"

*Welcome to Dystopia

It is a future where radiation traces...legacies from two major wars in the 21st century...infect everything from the food to the air. Where a gray pall hangs over the skies like a shroud.

A future where the masses scramble to obtain food, clothes, shelter, sex...all the necessities of life. Where insurgents, outlaws, roam miles of underground fallout shelters, fighting for survival. Where a handful of wealthy, favored individuals live the good life.

A future where all the heroes exist only in th ememories provided by dust-covered relics...relics maintained by one amazingly old man.

A future that is ruled with an iron fist by the menacing, superpowered individual known to his frightened subjects as the Maestro.

Into this future strides Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk. Brought there through the combination of the amazingly old man's resourcefulness, and the serendipitous discover of Doctor Doom's time machine, the Hulk witnesses the evil of the Maestro.

He resolves that the Maestro--who keeps the populace in line with his Gravity Police, his Dogs of War, and the sheer strength at his command--must not be allowed to continue his brutal ways. The Hulk must do battle, both physically and mentally, with the individual who is his greatest foe.

It is a battle that only he can fight. That he must fight. For he knows that he himself is responsible for the presence of the Maestro...the despotic creature that is, in every way, shape and for, the Hulk's greatest, and ultimate, nightmare.

Distopia, the future, and the hulk will never be quite the same.

And neither will you. *Source: Back Cover


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