Jam 1-A

Comic Book by Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing, Nov 01 1989
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Jam 1-A by Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing
Jam 1-A by Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:NOV 01 1989

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"Urban Adventure, Part 1"
Reprinted in Jam: Urban Adventure (Tundra) #1, in color.
Gordon Kirby is a unique individual. With a well defined personal philosophy of love and politics that has a very mellow groove, plus a modified jogging suit from Sears, he is the roof-top champion of justice, known as the Jam, or the Jammer to his friends. The Jam steps between two brother-in-laws who are at each other's throats and diffuses the situation...with a large quantity of beer. The Jam has also rescues a woman, Jane Marble, a private eye, who has in turn discovers Gordon's secret identity, and wants to hire him. It involves protecting her client, a Middle Eastern Sheik, from a murderous extremist group, the Flarks. The Flarks are led by the Sheik's brother, Rasha, who holds an experimental weapons designer captive. Gordon isn't too sure about the offer. He is content in his rooftop patrol, and his peaceful life with his lover Janet and her dog Harvey. Down in Hell, a talent scout informs Satan that they have identified a tasty morsel, Gordon Kirby. Satan wants him, and orders his henchmen to start messing with Gordon's life.



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