Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 1-B

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jan 01 2012
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Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 1-B by Dark Horse
Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 1-B by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2012
Sale Date:JAN 11 2012
Caption:Mike Mignola "Year of Monsters" Cover


Item Biography

*In 1930's Manhattan, the nighttime lower East Side streets are terrorized by a band of ghostly native Americans. The police are puzzled when they find the mauraders' corpses, covered in phosphorescent paint, branded on the forehead with the mark of Lobster Johnson. Crime reporter Cindy Tynan can't get any information from the police, but she suspects the fake ghost Indians are trying to spook the locals away from mob activities. She gets a tip from Harry McTell, who points her in the direction of a real estate scam. Mob boss Arnie Wald is keen to stop her from asking questions, and keen on finding out who is killing all his men. Wald's mysterious assistant, Mr. Isog, looks to get his shadowy associates involved, but Wald shudders at the thought of mystical allies. *Source: Warlock

**When a tribe of phantom Indians start scalping policemen, Hellboy's crime-fighting hero Lobster Johnson and his allies arrive to take on these foes and their gangster cronies! **Source: darkhorse.com

Issue number 6 in the comprehensive numbering of the Lobster Johnson series.

Continued from Lobster Johnson: Iron Proometheus.


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