Miracleman (1985) 7-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Apr 01 1986
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Miracleman (1985) 7-A by Eclipse
Miracleman (1985) 7-A by Eclipse


Cover Price:$.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1986


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Deep within a Paraguayan jungle hothouse, Mike Moran's just become the entree menu item for a dog's dinner. But what a phenomenal beast! Now more armor-plated reptile than canine, Gargunza's transformed dog, Pluto stalks the powerless Miracleman.

Back at the ranch, Gargunza sends out a team of retrograde Nazis to retrieve the expected bodies of Evelyn Cream and Michael Moran. One of the lackeys muses whimsically about the similarity between Miracleman and their apocryphal Nazi Superman ideology.

Simple as it seems, Mike faces a prickly predicament; how to get the demon-dog off of him and buy enough time to become Miracleman again.

"The Wish I Wish Tonight"

When Heinz looks up to see a vision of his Aryan Ubermensch myth made flesh, he stares agog with awe. He is fulfilled upon his death.

Miracleman eviscerates everything left in his path to Gargunza. When the two come face to face again, Gargunza mouths to speak his power-dampening word for Miracleman, but is silenced by a steely right hand around his throat, crushing his larynx.

Up, up and away, Miracleman soars to the edge of the stratosphere, still gripping Gargunza by the neck. You wanted immortality, doctor, well with a kiss goodbye you stare it in the face as you descend like a comet back to Earth.

"Tales of the First Empire: Soul-Stone"

Centuries into the future, mankind exists under the yoke of a formal matriarchy. A search for sacred soul-stones is a rite of passage for females of appropriate age. The common belief is that only someone who is completely pure can locate the totem.

This issue contains an advertisement for Miracleman #8, which was solicited to be the "Birth" issue story, but when Eclipse offices in Guerneville, California were flooded this affected the scheduling of the book. That story and cover were then published in #9. Also, another advert proclaimed the preview of New Wave would be in Miracleman #9. This strip was moved forward from #9 to #8.


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