Lady Death (2010) 5-D

Comic Book by Boundless Comics, Apr 01 2011
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Lady Death (2010) 5-D by Boundless Comics
Lady Death (2010) 5-D by Boundless Comics


Cover Price:$3.99
Publish Date:APR 01 2011
Sale Date:AUG 24 2011
Caption:Auxiliary Cover 1/1500

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*The astounding all-new Lady Death on-going series continues as she continues her return to power! With her supernatural previously powers stripped from her by the villainous Death Queen, Lady Death continues her quest across the Earth to recover the shattered fragments of her soul, but it has been a journey fraught with death and devastation. Possessing immense dark power, each fragment warps those near it into murderous, blood-thirsty emissaries of evil. Now, in the heart of darkest Africa, the greatest horror Lady Death has yet faced in recovering her lost heritage writhes in the jungle, waiting to eat its former host alive! But as Lady Death battles to regain her former power, the one who banished her to Earth is embarking on her own quest for power, as construction begins on a towering device of pure destruction that will bring the entire Under Realm to its knees, bowing before the might of Death Queen! *Source:


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