Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 4-C

Comic Book by Aspen, Sep 01 2009
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Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 4-C by Aspen
Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 4-C by Aspen


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:SEP 01 2009
Sale Date:AUG 28 2009
Caption:Michael Turner Canadian Expo Cover 1/2000


Item Biography

"Resurgence, Part 4"

Although the Canadian National Comic Book Expo rebranded as Fan Expo Canada in 2006, Aspen continued to use the old name on their exclusive for several years.

*Soulfire's storied mythology continues to grow within the pages of New World Order! Magic flourishes once again. Unbelievable power courses through the lands... and A NEW WORLD ORDER is at hand. In this issue, the family ties that bind Manny and Cruz finally snap-with deadly results! Rainier and the bounty hunters decide that in order to obtain their respective goals, they will need to unite together, under one malevolent banner of oppression. And, with the law hunting them down and closing in on them, Heather, Pili, and Cruz face a crossroads, with choices that will forever change their relationship together! *Source: aspenstore.com


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