Tales to Astonish (1959) 96-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1967
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Tales to Astonish (1959) 96-B by Marvel
Tales to Astonish (1959) 96-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:OCT 01 1967
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved

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"Somewhere Stands... Skull Island!"

The Sub-Mariner is ready for war on the surface world in the wake of recent events, but Lady Dorma begs him to seek peace. Lord Vashti wisely persuades Namor to first tackle the worst offender, Lord Plunder. Namor agrees and tracks down the Plunderer to his lair on Skull Island. Lady Dorma follows, concerned for his safety, and well she is, as Namor is taken captive.

"What Have I Created?"

The Hulk has been brought to the planet Wundagore II, the High Evolutionary's experiment on animal evolution gone terribly wrong. The High Evolutionary plans to advance Bruce Banner's evolutionary stage, but before he can, the rapidly devolving New Men savagely attack. The incredible might of the Hulk barely holds them back, but the High Evolutionary is mortally wounded, and, to save himself, subjects himself to his own device. He becomes a being of pure thought, and mentally undoes his New Men before becoming one with the cosmos, leaving the Hulk trapped and alone.


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