World's Finest Comics 147-A

Comic Book by DC, Feb 01 1965
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World's Finest Comics 147-A by DC
World's Finest Comics 147-A by DC


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:FEB 01 1965
Content:CCA Approved

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"The New Terrific Team!" and "The Doom of Jimmy Olsen and Robin"

*In a two part story, Jimmy Olsen and Robin decide that it's time to come out from under the shadow of Superman and Batman and form their own team. After a few successful rescue missions, Superman notices something odd to how the two boys act after the completion of each rescue. When he investigates further, he stumbles upon the reason and now has to find a way to reverse the mental contamination that both Jimmy Olsen and Robin suffer from.

"Tricksy, the World's Greatest Stunt Man!"

Tricksy's wife has a problem with his circus friends.

"The First for World's Finest"

A one-page text article that explores the beginning of the Superman-Batman team-ups in the pages of World's Finest Comics.

"The Underwater Olympics" reprinted from Adventure Comics (1938) #277.

"Warden Willis"

The Warden tries to give an inmate tips on falling asleep.
*Source: DocRx8482.


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