Michael Turner's Fathom (2008) 1-E

Comic Book by Aspen, Sep 01 2008
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Michael Turner's Fathom (2008) 1-E by Aspen
Michael Turner's Fathom (2008) 1-E by Aspen


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Publish Date:SEP 01 2008
Caption:Michael Turner Tribute Cover 1/3000


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*The long-docile race of the Blue no longer want solitude in their underwater habitat after the human's latest attack -- they now want revenge! After thwarting the invasion of the Blue cities by Admiral Maylander's Navy, Aspen Matthews and Chance Calloway have found some much needed seclusion together in a beach house south of the border. But, their romantic getaway will be short-lived as the return of the murderous Killian, now at full-strength, is ready to strike once more against the humans -- along with his reunited daughter, Kiani! Plus, the hatred from below the surface is also shared by one other race -- the ancient and most powerful underwater beings known as the Black! However, the U.S. Navy has plans of their own for the Blue, as well as a new leader with special ties to both Aspen and Chance! *Source: aspenstore.com


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