Men of Mystery 85-A

Comic Book by AC, Jan 01 2011
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Men of Mystery 85-A by AC
Men of Mystery 85-A by AC


Cover Price:$29.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 2011
Sale Date:APR 06 2011



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*An ALL FEMALE Men of Mystery blockbuster spectacular!! EVERY story in this volume features a distaff dare-doll in vintage Golden Age action, reprinted from the original 1940's comic book in which they originally appeared!! 31 full GA stories in all, featuring 28 DIFFERENT heroines, including 12 NEVER BEFORE SEEN in the pages of Men of Mystery!! First-timers include LADY SATAN, TOMBOY, SUZIE, YANKEE GIRL,TARA, USA-SPIRIT OF OLD GLORY, TANGI, The VEILED AVENGER, PAT PATRIOT, SPIDER QUEEN, BLACK PHANTOM and FANTOMAH. Things lead off with the never-before-reprinted Fox Features PHANTOM LADY classic "The Jack-In-The-Box Murders", as drawn by the great Matt Baker, and just get better from there !! Read great "good girl art" adventures featuring SKY GIRL, FIREHAIR, GLORY FORBES (also by Baker), TIGER GIRL, MYSTA of the MOON, JANE MARTIN, CAMILLA, FUTURA, TORCHY, MISS VICTORY, RULAH, LADY LUCK, SENORITA RIO, GALE ALLEN, and BLACK VENUS. Their are also TWO MORE PHANTOM LADY stories included; one each from her Quality Comics and Ajax-Farrel runs. The best of the best of the iconic, pin-up style adventure heroines of the World War II era, as drawn by masters of the genre including Gearge Evans, Lily Renee, Ralph Mayo, Joe Doolin, Bob Lubbers, Mort Meskin, Bill Ward, Maurice Gutwirth, Lin Streeter, Arthur Peddy, Pierce Rice, Rudy Palais, Frank Bolle and others; from comics originally published by Fiction House, Harry "A" Chesler, Lev Gleason, Quality, Continental, Holyoke, Standard/Nedor and others. Standard comic-book size, 234 pages, black & white interiors with color covers.


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