Haunt of Fear (1950) 8-A

Comic Book by E.C., Jul 01 1951
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Haunt of Fear (1950) 8-A by E.C.
Haunt of Fear (1950) 8-A by E.C.


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Publish Date:JUL 01 1951


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"The Witch's Cauldron" Hounded to Death!"
Ann is tired of being the cooped-up wife of a jealous husband, even if he is rich. Now, a handsome neighbor is trying to steal Ann away. Her husband's brand of vengeance is cruel, but he finds what goes around comes around. 8 pages.

"The Vault of Horror: The Very Strange Mummy!"
An Egyptian archeological expedition comes across a burial chamber that has a plaque at the entrance, warning not to disturb the evil within. Ignoring this, the team finds an unusually well-preserved mummy, that of a vampire, which they have unwittingly freed. 7 pages.

1 page, text only.

"Diminishing Returns!"
Beardsley, a wealthy adventurer, brags to his friend that he knows the location of a diamond mine that is guarded by savage head-hunters, but holds impossibly large stones. His friend insists on being guided there, despite the danger. When they arrive, the friend learns that Beardsley has an arrangement with the savages, one diamond for one head. Weeks later, Beardsley receives a parcel, his friend's shrunken head. Not all of the life is out of the head, though, and vengeance is claimed. 6 pages.

"The Crypt of Terror: The Irony of Death!"
Jeff Slag is an ambitious man. He marries the daughter of an iron mill owner, then kills the father, making himself the defacto owner of the mill. He disposes of the father's body in a vat of molten metal. The metal is later sold, and is used to make a display of torture devices. Slag dies when an Iron Maiden grows a will of its own and closes upon him. 7 pages.

Reprinted in Haunt of Fear (RCP Vol 2) #8 in its entirety with the exception of the text story.


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