Flash (1987) 200-B

Comic Book by DC, Sep 01 2003
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Flash (1987) 200-B by DC
Flash (1987) 200-B by DC


Cover Price:$3.50
Publish Date:SEP 01 2003
Sale Date:SEP 10 2003
Caption:DF (Signed by Geoff Johns) 1/599
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

"Blitz, Part 4 of 4: The Final Race"

*Linda has miscarried, her unborn twins dead at the hands of Zoom, formerly the Flash's friend Hunter Zolomon. His family gather round him, including Jesse Quick, and help him to figure out exactly what's happened to Zolomon. He has become derailed from the time stream and can travel forwards at whatever speed he likes. The strain that this is causing on the time stream could eventually cause it to unravel. Wally is not fast enough to stop him, so Jesse Quick jumpstarts him with her speed mantra, pushing all of her speed into him. Flash and Zoom battle around the world, evenly matched, until Flash can force Zoom to interface with one of the windows in time which keep opening around him and he is locked in the present, forever viewing a moment from his past.

Later, Wally visits Barry Allen's memorial to tell him that he wants to give up being the Flash, because his public identity causes too much danger to those around him. He receives a visit from Barry, on his way back in time towards the great Crisis, and from the Spectre, who tells him that he can erase everyone's memories of the Flash's identity. Wally is initially reluctant, because knowledge of Barry's identity would be forgotten as well, but agrees in time.

Two months later, Wally has a successful job interview. Crime is running rampant in Keystone, with the Flash not having been seen for months. Both he and Linda wonder where the Flash has gone, even they do not remember that Wally was the Flash. *Source: dcuguide.com


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