Unwritten 2-B

Comic Book by Vertigo, Aug 01 2009
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Unwritten 2-B by Vertigo
Unwritten 2-B by Vertigo


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:AUG 01 2009
Sale Date:AUG 26 2009
Caption:2nd Printing
Content:Mature Readers


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"Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity, Chapter Two"

Tom Taylor has come to in the hospital to mixed blessings. The world no longer thinks he's a fraud who is trying to steal his father's fortune, but the now the world is convinced that he is, in fact, the magical boy hero from his father's novels. Tom doesn't know which is worse, and goes on a hunt for the truth. He looks for the woman who created the tempest around him, Lizzie Hexam, and finds that the name is a fake. He then goes to the root of his childhood, his boyhood home. On the way, he is shown that there is real magic in this world, and his denial of not being the character from his father's books might be the falsehood after all. Dark forces are stalking him, in the form of the menacing and mystical Mr. Pullman. Meanwhile, a manuscript has appeared for a new Tommy Taylor story...from the long-missing Wilson Taylor.


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