Rascals in Paradise 2-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Oct 01 1994
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Rascals in Paradise 2-A by Dark Horse
Rascals in Paradise 2-A by Dark Horse


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Publish Date:OCT 01 1994
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*Radical body makeup, talking apes, Technicolor spaceships, aerial combat, numerous leopard-skin loincloths, human sacrifices, awesome tree-swinging, and lots of ladies with lots of attitude! That's what Rascals is made of! Featuring a pin-up on almost every page, this humorous, high-adventure tale is set in the future/past as 25th-century Granada Hills' Combat High graduate "Spicy" Saunders makes her way on a frontier planet populated by outcasts and outlaws. This issue the drama turns sultry and mysterious as the Rascals, led by Spicy, plunge into the forbidden Malay jungle in search of the abducted Jane `The Frisco Fire' Maxwell and the fabled River of the Arrow. In a dance that would have made her a headliner in the Minsky Burlesque circuit, Neffer, the high priestess of the Lord God Moloch, summons the powers of darkness to draw the Rascals into her trap. This fully painted book will appeal to the many aficionados of Frazetta, Stevens, and Raymond.
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