StormWatch (1993) 25-B

Comic Book by Image, Aug 01 1995
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StormWatch (1993) 25-B by Image
StormWatch (1993) 25-B by Image


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1995
Sale Date:AUG 10 1995


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"Images of Tomorrow"
Originally released between issues #9 and 10, which is when this story occurs from Jackson King's perspective.

*Fifteen months from now...

SkyWatch is in ruins, wrenched from the heavens by a force beyond belief. StormWatch is desperate, a haunted band of heroes running for their lives. Spartan, their leader, is on the verge of losing a second team. A madman is moments from ruling Earth. And Battalion, the only one who can fix things, has been dead for a year.

...but you don't have to wait that long.

Presenting the future of comics. Shipping 15 months early. *Source: Ad in StormWatch (1993) #8

Timespan has taken Battalion one year into the future. And just as they arrive, the fiery wreckage of SkyWatch falls to Earth. As he runs to the wreckage, he finds StormWatch, although it is not the team that he knows.

In this future, Battalion is dead. WildC.A.T.s' Spartan is acting as the field leader, but Synergy, who is the current Weatherman, takes over when the cyborg shuts down. The reunion is short lived, however, as the WarGuard is close behind.

As StormWatch battles the WarGuard, Battalion comes across his brother, Malcolm, who is not acting like himself. After Battalion takes him down, he is confronted by the man behind it all, his own father, who is now calling himself Despot. Despot has killed Diva, and now controls her reanimated corpse.

But just as Despot is about to kill Battalion, Timespan sends Jackson back to his own time. But Despot has not won, as he is attacked by a mysterious figure.


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