Star Blazers 5-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by West Cape Co., LTD., Jan 01 1983
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Star Blazers 5-A by West Cape Co., LTD.
Star Blazers 5-A by West Cape Co., LTD.


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1983


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Decisive Battle at the Rainbow Galaxy (Episode 13)
The battle lines have been drawn and the combatants assemble outside the Rainbow Galaxy for the big fight. The Gamilons use their first secret weapon, a transporter device to beam fighter and bomber planes over to attack the Argo. Next they use the giant drill missile to lodge into the main port of the Wave Motion Gun and blow up the ship. The Argo takes a terrible beating as IQ-9 manages to reverse the drill missile so they can fire the massive weapon and destroy the Gamilon fleet, including General Lysis and his flag ship.

Gamilon's Last Battle (Episode 14)
The Argo arrives at Gamilon where Desslok desperately tries to destroy the Argo but he fails and in doing so, destroys Gamilon.

The Dying Planet of Iscandar (Episode 15)
The Star Force finally arrive at Gamilon's sister planet, Iscandar only to find the world dead except for the one being who started this entire journey, Starsha. Starsha gives the Star Force the Cosmo DNA to save Earth and reverse the terrible radiation that scars the planet. Liking the planet, some of the crew decide to stay on an island but the island is unstable and the Star Force has to rescue their runaway crew. Before leaving, Wildstar learns the fate of his brother, Alex. Alex was rescued after the battle of Pluto and has been with Starsha ever since, he chooses to remain with Starsha as the Star Force must hurry back to Earth to save it.

The Return of the Star Force (Episode 16)
The Star Force rush to get back to Earth but are confronted by the remnants of the Gamilon fleet lead by Leader Desslok. Desslock manages to ram his ship into the side of the Argo and board her as both crews fight hand to hand for the survival of their races. Nova sacrifices herself as she activates the Cosmo DNA in order to save the crew from a deadly gas released by the Gamilons. Desslok is about to destroy the Argo with his version of the wave motion gun but the Star Force uses a new technology to reflect the energy wave off the Argo and back on Desslok's ship, destroying the last of the Gamilons. The Star Force return tiumphantly to Earth as Nova recovers from the gas but Captain Avatar dies.


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