Walking Dead (2003) 56-A

Comic Book by Image, Dec 01 2008
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Walking Dead (2003) 56-A by Image
Walking Dead (2003) 56-A by Image


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Publish Date:DEC 01 2008
Sale Date:DEC 17 2008


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Glenn finds Maggie hanging from the tree as the group comes to cut her down. Abraham is ready to shoot her dead body before she turns but Rick stops him. During their argument, Maggie wakes up, she is alive and Rick saved her. The next morning, its time to head out as Rick gets careless and Abraham saves him. But Abraham can not control his rage at the way he was treated by Rick and Rick is now a target of Abraham.

*Five Years of the Walking Dead!
From its humble beginnings five years ago The Walking Dead has grown into an undisputable cult hit. In this special anniversary issue the characters we've grown to love look back on how this world has affected them, what they've gained and what they've lost... and a look ahead at where they go from here. *Source: imagecomics.com


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