Walking Dead (2003) 58-A

Comic Book by Image, Feb 01 2009
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Walking Dead (2003) 58-A by Image
Walking Dead (2003) 58-A by Image


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Publish Date:FEB 01 2009
Sale Date:FEB 11 2009


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*The unthinkable.
*Source: imagecomics.com

Abraham explains how his wife and daughters were raped while he was out looking for weapons to defend them and how he killed everyone of them. His family left and when he found them, they were dead and he had to shoot his own daughter. Rick tells Abraham all the things that he had done to keep his family alive as the two now share their experiences and shame. Dale and Andrea load up to search the area while Dr. Porter gets ready to inventory their food supply. Rick and Abraham reach Rick's house to find Morgan is still alive but his son is not. Rick gets Morgan to join them and convinces him to end his son's existence but Morgan can not and lets the boy go free.


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