Captain America (1968) 190-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1975
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Captain America (1968) 190-B by Marvel
Captain America (1968) 190-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.09
Publish Date:OCT 01 1975
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"Nightshade is Deadlier the Second Time Around!"

Deadly Nightshade has the male agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in her thrall. The only two men immune to her hypnotic control are Captain America and the Falcon. To be fair, she offers them a place in the new hierarchy, but to a Utopian thinker like Cap, this premise is totally abhorrent.

Nightshade's Achilles' Heel is still her immaturity and over-confidence. Cap and Falc slip the mesmerized zombies, but run into automated Stark designed defenses.

A jolt of electricity from the S.H.I.E.L.D. armaments shocks Sam Wilson back to reality. But the sudden self-awareness brings guilt about past misdeeds in a former criminal life.

But there's still a would-be tyrant to be dealt with. Contessa Valentina unearths a secret from the files on Nightshade, which, with a little intuitive theory leads to the hypnosis being broken wholesale. Scratch another foolproof plan for world conquest.


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