Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 3-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, May 01 1994
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Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 3-A by Dark Horse
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 3-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:MAY 01 1994


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"Seed of Destruction, Part 3 of 4"

*Hellboy faces off against a frog monster who gets more powerful by the minute, and attempts to beat Hellboy into submission to do the work of Rasputin. Rasputin relates his history, from his supposed death in Russia, to his work for the Nazis, and ultimately to his trek to Antarctica to the Temple of Sadu-Hem, where Bruttenholm's expedition found him. Rasputin means to use Hellboy, Liz, and Sadu-Hem to open a portal to Hell for the return of the Seven Beasts, Ogdru-Jahad. *Source: Warlock

**Things get uglier as Hellboy explores the decaying temple beneath the Cavendish mansion and discovers an ancient evil that threatens to unleash upon the world dark, unholy forces from the dawn of time, using Hellboy's companion Liz as its unwitting tool. Earth teeters on the brink of destruction, with only Hellboy, the World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator, there to right the balance. **Source: darkhorse.com

Issue number 3 in the comprehensive numbering of the Hellboy series.

"Who Are Monkeyman & O'Brien? Part 3 of 4"

Ann is determined to be a good host to her visitor, but the language barrier is a problem. She leads him to her father's library where he stays overnight. She is also experiencing changes...a ravenous hunger and seemingly limitless energy. The next day, to Ann's surprise, Monkeyman has gained mastery over the English language and introduces himself as Axwell Tiberius.

**Also featuring chapter three in the incredible origin of Monkeyman and O'Brien, wherein Monkeyman pits himself against the horrors of learning the English language. **Source: darkhorse.com


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