Dark Horse Presents: Fifth Anniversary Special 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Dark Horse, Apr 01 1991
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Dark Horse Presents: Fifth Anniversary Special 1-A by Dark Horse
Dark Horse Presents: Fifth Anniversary Special 1-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$9.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1991
Caption:Wraparound Cover


Item Biography

"Martha Washington's War Diary: April 6, 2012"

Martha has been sent to assassinate the rebel leader of Manhattan. Problem is, he was already dead, but nobody on her side will believe it, so Martha must watch as New York City is bombed to the ground for no reason. Cameo appearance by Dixon from Hard Boiled.

Story written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. 8 pages.

"Objects of Value" featuring Concrete

Concrete can't seem to inspire the local kids to be environmentally conscious, until he announces a cash prize for the most trash collected. The kids wind up cheating, then fighting amongst themselves. Concrete feels he failed, until he sees on boy continuing to clean up, despite that absence of cash incentives.

Story written and drawn by Paul Chadwick and lettered by Bill Spicer. 8 pages.

[No Title Given] featuring Aliens

An unknown race is on the hunt for an alien nest. They fight their way through the lesser creatures until they find the nest Mother and her eggs. In an ironic twist, this race harvests the eggs for the markets back home.

Story written by John Arcudi and illustrated by Simon Bisley. 8 pages.

[No Title Given] featuring the American

A TV viewer watches talk-show programs discuss issues of war, abortion, and other critical issues of our times. He muses to himself about the pundit’s glib words, their lack of emotional attachment to the issues, and wonders if the only worthy thing on TV is infomercials?

Story written by Mark Verheiden, drawn by Doug Braithwaite, inked by Robert Campanella, and lettered by Pat Brosseau. 8 pages.

[No Title Given] featuring Roachmill

Roachmill is hired to take out a noisy movie patron at a slasher film. He finds the movie disturbing. Other patrons in the theater include the Thing, Tinkerbell, the Tick, Mighty Mouse, and Tom McWeeney.

Story written by Rich Hedden and illustrated by Tom McWeeney. 8 pages.


A building superintendant with a dark past "fixes" things his own way. When the safety of a boy who lives in the building is in jeopardy, the man undertakes to "fix" it.

Story written by Andrew Vachss, drawn by Jerry Prosser, inked by Klaus Janson, and lettered by Michael Heisler. 8 pages.

[No Title Given] featuring Black Cross

Black Cross has been taken captive by a bounty hunter, who taunts him on the forced march back to civilization. The situation doesn't last for long.

Story written and illustrated by Chris Warner and lettered by Jim Massara. 8 pages.

"The Aerialist, Chapter 3"

In a future world, the public is fascinated by a blood sport, where the combatants fight for survival suspended on ropes from dirigibles.

Story written and illustrated by Matt Wagner and lettered by Kevin Cunningham. 8 pages.

"Heartbreakers: The Prologue"

Genetics scientist Therese Sorenson, in her work for parent company Biovac, clones herself repeatedly; half of the clones are trained to be scientists; the others para-military. She decided to break the relationship with the parent company. The group starts to plan out the process of going rogue.

Story written by Anina Bennett, illustrated by Paul Guinan, and lettered by Pat Brosseau. 8 pages.

"Aliens vs. Predator"


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