Space: 1999 (1975/11) 5-A

Comic Book by Charlton, Jul 01 1976
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Space: 1999 (1975/11) 5-A by Charlton
Space: 1999 (1975/11) 5-A by Charlton


Cover Price:$.30
Publish Date:JUL 01 1976
Content:CCA Approved


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"Gods Of The Planet Olympus"

*Eagle Five is exploring a new Earth-like planet when a startled distress call indicates they have been attacked by the sea-god Neptune! Launching a rescue mission, Koenig, Bergman and Helena find the wreck of Eagle Five on the rocky shore of a land-mass with damage consistent with being impaled with a trident! Before they can act, huge rocks rain down and the trio find themselves under attack from a Cyclops. Unfortunately, their fire brings down the creature on top of their Eagle before they are captured by another. Awakening in a small cage, they find Alan Carter and co-pilot Benjamin alive along with other native humans. Helena is able to trick the Cyclops into letting her have a weapon and she frees them all. Outside, Koenig is amazed to find the world is called Olympus and the natives refer to themselves as Hellenites. Their leader Demothus takes them back to their city, surrounded by a land where satyrs and centaurs frolic, as the Alphans come face to face with the origin of the myths of ancient Greece...

Writer: Nicola Cuti.
Art: John Byrne.
Colorist: Wendy Fiore.

"The Contaminator"

*The temperament of engineer Lewis Marl has changed considerably of late, from a cheerful efficiency to argumentative short-tempers. It would appear he has been rejected by laboratory technician Naji Lok, who he was going to marry. Koenig is concerned that Marl's mood could spread depression throughout the base, and orders him to a distant space-watch outpost, where fate takes a curious turn...

Art: John Byrne.
Colorist: Wendy Fiore.

Cover: John Byrne.



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