Lady Death 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Boundless Comics, Jan 01 2012
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Lady Death 1-A by Boundless Comics
Lady Death 1-A by Boundless Comics


Cover Price:$24.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2012
Sale Date:FEB 22 2012

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Collects Lady Death (2010) Ashcan, Premiere & #0-6.

*The first collection of the smash-hit new Lady Death series is finally here, collecting the first eight issues! This December join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Brian Pulido’s iconic femme fatale, Lady Death! Long ago, a young woman sacrificed her humanity to become the otherworldly femme fatale known as Lady Death. But now, Lady Death is no more. Stripped of her magic and memory, dethroned by the villainous Death Queen, and banished from the Blacklands, she escapes to Earth during the Dark Ages in the form of an amnesiac mortal thief named Illadra. Driven by hazy visions of her former glory, the skillful Illadra sets off on a worldwide quest to reclaim her fragmented power… and face the evils that her magic has awakened. This first collection of the new Lady Death series includes issues the Premiere, 0-6, a huge cover gallery, and a rare prose introduction by writer Mike Wolfer, previously only available in a hard-to-find ashcan. *Source:


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