Grimm Fairy Tales 43-C

Comic Book by Zenescope Entertainment, Dec 01 2009
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Grimm Fairy Tales 43-C by Zenescope Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales 43-C by Zenescope Entertainment


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:DEC 01 2009
Sale Date:DEC 16 2009
Caption:Norberto Fernandez Limited Cover 1/500

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* A mythical creature of intense power finds itself needed by both the forces of good and evil. When the last unicorn appears in central park both Sela and Belinda are enlisted to find the magical creature for very different reasons.

Sela seeks to protect the creature and guide it back home while Belinda needs it for her own evil plot. But unknown to both women a third party with malevolent plans for the creature is set to enter the game.

Sela finds herself in a race against time to bring the last unicorn back to its own realm before her rivals can accomplish their goals. *source


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