Action Comics (1938) 689-C

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 1993
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Action Comics (1938) 689-C by DC
Action Comics (1938) 689-C by DC


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:JUL 01 1993
Caption:Dynamic Forces (signed by Jackson Guice) 1/7500
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

"Who is the Hero True?"
Triangle 1993-20.
Continued from Adventures of Superman (1987) #502, continues in Superman: The Man of Steel #24.

In the aftermath of Stinger's attack on the Hobsneck Bridge, Superboy and Supergirl struggle to find and rescue as many survivors as they can. Superboy has vowed to make Stinger pay for what he has done, but Tana Moon knows that Vinnie Edge is ultimately responsible.

In the Antarctic, the Fortress robots attend to a dire emergency - the Eradicator's regeneration matrix is overloading. As the surge peaks and destroys the integrity of the matrix, the source of it's power is revealed to be none other than Kal-El! After being brought up to speed on the situation in Metropolis and the four beings claiming to be Superman, the Man of Steel resolves to get to Metropolis as soon as possible.

Back in Metropolis the Eradicator confronts Steel for his use of the symbol of the House of El and a battle ensues.

Elsewhere, a ship has entered the solar system on a direct course for Earth. Mongul has arrived, seeking revenge.


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