Silver Streak Comics (1939) 1-A

Comic Book by Lev Gleason Productions, Dec 01 1939
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Silver Streak Comics (1939) 1-A by Lev Gleason Productions
Silver Streak Comics (1939) 1-A by Lev Gleason Productions


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:DEC 01 1939
Caption:Silver Foil Cover

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Item Biography

This foil cover is allegedly the first use of foil in cover graphics in comics.

"The Tom-Tom" feature Indian Lore. 1 page b&w.

No Title Given featuring the Claw.
Eloise Pearsall is the new US Ambassador to the Pacific Island of Ricca, and is unaware that the land is under the grip of the ruthless and evil Claw. Jerry Morris, Eloise's companion, must free her from the Claw's control. 11 pages.

"Factograms" 1 page of fun facts.

"As Time Stops" featuring Mister Midnite.
The elusive thief Will-O-Wisp has been making fools of the police department. Young adventurer Neal Carruthers dons his disguise, and at the stroke of midnight, Mr. Midnite stops time and foils the villain. 6 pages.

"Save on Bullets" 2 pages, text with spot illustrations by Ray Gill.

No Title Given featuring Red Reeves, Boy Magician.
Red is punished for playing in the streets, and his Mom confines him to the house. In the attic, he finds an ancient marble, that, when polished, produces a genie. 7 pages.

No Title Given featuring Captain Fearless.
Captain Fearless, smuggling munitions by boat to the Chinese in their battle against the Japanese invaders, is captured by a mutinous crew. He picks up a friend, Lieut. Dugan of the Marines, on the way, but ends up as prisoner of Ting Ling, a Japanese warlord. 8 pages.

"Calling the 'Duke', Ace Inspector"
The Duke (full name 'Duke' Kelly not given until next issue)investigates a seemingly accidental death at an airfield, but finds that there is a murderer stalking all the pilots. 9 pages.

"The Spy Ring" featuring the Wasp.
Reporter Burton Slade reports crime stories by day, but fights the criminals first-hand as the Wasp. 6 pages.

"Lockheed 14" feature 'Make This' 1 page model-making instructions.

"Mesa Justice" featuring Barry Lane, the Adventure-Hunter.
Barry is asked for help by a Wyoming Sheriff with a gang of cattle rustlers called the 'Hooded Ravens'. 5 pages.

No Title Given featuring Spirit Man.
Spirit Malcolm and his friend Ray Williams operate the Futurscope, which lets Spirit Man see in advance crimes and teleport in and out like a ghost. 8 pages.

House ad for Marvel Mystery Comics #2. Both Silver Streak and Marvel Mystery Comics were produced by Funnies, Inc., a production studio who generated content for various publishers.


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