All Star Comics (1940) 8-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1942
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All Star Comics (1940) 8-A by DC
All Star Comics (1940) 8-A by DC


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1942



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"Two New Members Earn Their Spurs"

Starman and Doctor Mid-Nite join the JSA.

The JSA have convened for some crucial business. The group votes for a new leader, and the job goes to Hawkman.

All members discover that each of their cases their working on, the crimes' witnesses have suddenly gone mad. They're baffled until Dr. Mid-Nite tells of his latest exploit.

While trying to determine why a ex-city official has escaped from an insane asylum, he discovers that the former politician has been infected by a blood disease found only in apes. He acquires an antidote for the disease from Professor Able called "Solution K".

He's then attacked by two thugs associated with a man known only as "Dr. Elba". He escapes with the help of his owl, Hooty,

Now back at JSA Headquarters he gives all the other members a vial of "Solution K".

Each of the members then returns to the trail of the crimes they had been following. They soon discover the hidden truth as Johnny Thunder is about to be injected with the insanity serum by Dr. Elba it is revealed that he is in fact both Dr. Elba and Professor Able. It is a ploy to get Dr. Mid-Nite close enough to inject with his serum. During a struggle with Mid-Nite the hypo ends up in the Elba's flesh. Dr. Elba, now overcome by the same infection he was spreading throughout America, falls out a window to his death.

"Introducing Wonder Woman"

First appearance of Wonder Woman.

Steve Trevor's plane crashes on Paradise Island, he is nursed back to help by one of the islands inhabitants Diana. Men however are not allowed on the island. Diana pleads with her mother Queen Hippolyte to allow her to return with Trevor to America. However the cost of leaving the island is the lose of her immortality. Not willing to assign the task of returning Trevor to the U.S. to her only daughter, Queen Hippolyte decides instead to hold a contest to determine which of her Amazons seems most capable of defending herself. Unbeknownst to Hippolyte, Diana enters the contest in disguise—and wins.

By the rules of the contest she is allowed to take Captain Trevor back to the U.S., much against the private desires of her saddened mother.

Also includes 2 Page Hop Harrigan story "Sky Cutups"


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