Sleeper 3-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by WildStorm, Jan 01 2005
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Sleeper 3-A by WildStorm
Sleeper 3-A by WildStorm


Cover Price:$17.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2005
Sale Date:MAR 09 2005
Caption:A Crooked Line
Content:Mature Readers


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Collects Sleeper: Season Two #1-6.

*Double-agent Holden Carver did exactly what he was ordered to do, but at what cost? Left on his own among the enemy, he was forced to become exactly what he was pretending to be, simply to survive. And now that he's past the point of no return, comes word of a possible way out...from the very man who left him out in the cold, Spymaster John Lynch, whose sudden reemergence from a coma throws a monkey wrench into everyone's plans. Now Holden Carver finds himself caught in a game of cat and mouse between Tao and Lynch, two driven master-minds with their own agendas for the world. And after everything he's been through, Holden is finding out the line between good and evil is a crooked line indeed. *Source: Back Cover


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