Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 4-B

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Apr 01 2012
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Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 4-B by Dark Horse
Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand 4-B by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:APR 01 2012
Sale Date:APR 11 2012
Caption:Mike Mignola "Year of Monsters" Cover


Item Biography

*It is clear that Kamala stole all of Lobster Johnson's secrets from the dying Massimo, as Wald and his associates assault Lobster's hide-outs. As Lobster deals with Wald's gunmen, Kamala, and the Black Flame, we see that Cindy Tynan escaped the fire-bombing of her safe house. She tails Mr. Isog back to Lobster Johnson's base, which has become a battleground. Lobster finds that the Black Flame refuses to stay dead. The conflict ends when Cindy Tynan kills Kamala, who seems to be the power source keeping the Black Flame alive. *Source: Warlock

**As dead gangsters bloody the floor of his secret hideout, crime-fighter Lobster Johnson goes head to head with the powerful Nazi boss—the Black Flame! **Source: darkhorse.com

Issue number 9 in the comprehensive numbering of the Lobster Johnson series.


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