All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update 2-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2007
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All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update 2-A by Marvel
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update 2-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$3.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2007
Sale Date:MAY 02 2007
Caption:Adam II to Zodiak


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What is the secret history of the Agents of Atlas? How is A.I.M. organized? What is the Panther God's connection to Egyptian mythology? What planet did Korg come from? Pip the Troll: hooves or toes? Find the answers to all these questions, plus many more, as the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK continues to tour the Marvel Megaverse! Featuring new characters getting their first Handbook coverage (Apocalypse Beast, the Captain, Iron Maniac, Pitiful One, Underworld and the Nightmericans), older characters not yet covered in the 21st-century Handbooks (King Cobra, Orka and the Shaper of Worlds), older characters who never had a Handbook entry before (Scorcher, Clive Reston, Venomm, Hulk 2099, the New Universe's All-American, the Lost Generation's Yankee Clipper and Marvel UK's Gun Runner), characters from the depths of obscurity (Starseed and the Elementals), and major characters getting expansions and updates - including the Black Cat and a massive 8-page Captain America profile! And much, much more!


Larry AlexanderArtist
Michael "Mike" Dalton "Doc" AllredArtist
Ross AndruArtist
Mark BagleyArtist
Kyle BakerArtist
Carlo BarberiArtist
Dante BastianoniArtist
Brian BollandArtist
Doug "Dougie" BraithwaiteArtist
James BrockArtist
Patrick "Pat" BroderickArtist
Richard "Rich" F. Buckler (aka Validar)Artist
Bob BudianskyArtist
John BuscemaArtist
Sal BuscemaArtist
John L. ByrneArtist
Greg CapulloArtist
Terry ClarkeArtist
Denys B. CowanArtist
Roger CruzArtist
Gabriele Dell'OttoArtist
Terry DodsonArtist
Don DrakeArtist
Jan DuursemaArtist
Kieron DwyerArtist
Steve EllisArtist
Steve EptingArtist
David "Dave" FinchArtist
Fabrizio FiorentinoArtist
Seth FisherArtist
Ron FrenzArtist
Kerry GammillArtist
Ron GarneyArtist
Steve GeigerArtist
Don HeckArtist
Dave HooverArtist
Kyle HotzArtist
Stuart ImmonenArtist
Klaus JansonArtist
Staz JohnsonArtist
Jack Kirby (aka Jack Curtiss, Fred Sande, Charles Nicholas)Artist
Leonard KirkArtist
Scott KolinsArtist
Andy KuhnArtist
Bob LaytonArtist
Steve LeialohaArtist
Rik LevinsArtist
Rob LiefeldArtist
Joseph Michael LinsnerArtist
Aaron LoprestiArtist
Val MayerikArtist
Luke McDonnellArtist
Angel MedinaArtist
Allen "Al" MilgromArtist
Mike S. MillerArtist
Tom MorganArtist
Patrick "Pat" OlliffeArtist
George PerezArtist
Keith PollardArtist
Pond ScumArtist
Brian PostmanArtist
Gordon PurcellArtist
Frank RobbinsArtist
Darick RobertsonArtist
John Romita Jr.Artist
Melvin "Mel" RubiArtist
Javier SaltaresArtist
Marie SeverinArtist
Bill SienkiewiczArtist
Joe SimonArtist
Walter "Walt" SimonsonArtist
Paul Martin SmithArtist
Tom SmithArtist
Christopher "Chris" "Soto" SotomayorArtist
James "Jim" StarlinArtist
Larry StromanArtist
William "Billy" TucciArtist
Dwayne TurnerArtist
Sal VellutoArtist
Ron WagnerArtist
Anthony WilliamsArtist
M.C. WymanArtist
Michael "Mike" ZeckArtist
Patrick "Patch" ZircherArtist
Mark D. BeazleyEditor
Jennifer GrunwaldEditor
Cory LevineEditor
Joe QuesadaEditor
Michael ShortEditor
Jeff YoungquistEditor
Chris BiggsWriter
Ronald ByrdWriter
Madison CarterWriter
Jeff ChristiansenWriter
Mike FicheraWriter
Anthony FlaminiWriter
Rich GreenWriter
Michael HoskinWriter
Sean McQuaidWriter
Eric J. MoreelsWriter
Mark O'EnglishWriter
Al SjoerdsmaWriter
Stuart VandalWriter


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