Deadpool: The Circle Chase nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Marvel, Jan 01 1996
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Deadpool: The Circle Chase nn-A by Marvel
Deadpool: The Circle Chase nn-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$12.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1996
Sale Date:NOV 06 1996


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Collects Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1-4.

*The notorious weapons dealer known only as Tolliver is dead.

He has left behind a mysterious will in a hidden location, and in that will is the secret to obtaining "the most powerful weapon on Earth." And now everyone connected with Tolliver has become a target -- chief among them the wise-cracking mercenary called Deadpool -- who has embarked on his own danger-fraught hunt for the will.

But there are others joining the chase -- other who have their own agenda for the will's secrets, and their own scores to settle with Deadpool -- people like the unstoppable Juggernaut and his partner, the resurrected Black Tom Cassidy; like Deadpool's ex-lover Copycat and his old rival, Weapon X; like the merciless killer called Slayback, a man Deadpool left for dead ten years ago.

By the end of this insane scavenger hunt, all these paths will collide, and the merc-with-a-mouth will learn exactly what "the most powerful weapon on Earth" is!

And maybe he'll learn a thing or two about himself as well... *Source: Back Cover


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