Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 31-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 1971
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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 31-A by Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 31-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:NOV 01 1971
Content:CCA Approved

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Cover reprinted from Daredevil (Vol 1) #19.

"Alone--Against the Underworld!" featuring Daredevil, the Man Without Fear by Lee and Romita/Giacoia. 20 pages.
Reprinted from Daredevil (Vol 1) #19.
Foggy has pretended to be Daredevil. What started as a harmless lie to get Karen to fall in love with him has turned into a present danger. The newspapers have gotten ahold of it, and now Foggy's life is in danger. The Gladiator is broken out of jail by the Masked Marauder, who intends to use the Gladiator as his henchman against Foggy, but the Gladiator is rebellious. They both find out that Foggy is the wrong man, and decide to work together in their vendetta against Daredevil.

Pin-up of Daredevil by Wally Wood.

"The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!" featuring the Invincible Iron Man by Lee and Colan/Giacoia. 12 pages.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (Vol 1) #89.
As Tony Stark rebuilds his Stark Industries factory that was destroyed by the Mole Man, Senator Byrd informs him that his quest for the secrets of Iron Man is over. Tony also learns that Pepper Potts' true love is Happy Hogan and not himself, so Tony loses himself in his playboy lifestyle to forget her. Meanwhile, the Melter has broken out of jail and tracks down Stark to extort him into redesigning his melting ray.

"Robot on the Rampage!" (V-111) by Ditko. 5 pages.
Reprinted from Tales to Astonish (Vol 1) #18.
A lighthouse keeper has only a robot to keep him company in his remote outpost. One day the robot rebels, and the keeper must fight to stop the robot from extinguishing the beacon. The robot crows about the superiority of machines while they battle, but it is the superior strategy of the keeper that wins the day.

"The Golden Ghost!" featuring the Invincible Iron Man by Lee and Colan/Giacoia. 12 pages.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (Vol 1) #90.
The Melter has Tony Stark captive, forcing Stark to develop an improved, pocket-sized ray-gun. When he delivers the device, the Melter strikes him down. Thinking Stark dead, the Melter turns to deal with the police who have responded to his threat, leaving Stark to don his old Golden armor for retribution.


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