Ghost Rider (1973) 59-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 01 1981
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Ghost Rider (1973) 59-B by Marvel
Ghost Rider (1973) 59-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.20
Publish Date:AUG 01 1981
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"Moon Over Dark Water!"

When the Ghost Rider comes gambolling into the Windy City, the Chicago police set up a welcoming parade in the form of a roadblock. The cackling Demon pays it no heed and simply crashes through with contemptuous cool.

On his route through the streets, who should he run into, but one of his old sparring partners, the Water Wizard. The lacklustre villain is treated to the same disdain as the city cops. And the Brimstone Biker accelerates away, maniacal laughter echoing in the wind.

The Water Wizard wallows in self-defeat, when a projected image of Moondark the Magician snaps him out of it. Moondark sells a spiel to Water Wizard that together they can destroy the Ghost Rider.

Johnny Blaze tries to chill out at a local McDonald's® with some burgers and fries, when two meathead bikers rudely insult, then vandalize his meal. All this does is goad Blaze into getting angry enough to serve a beating to the two clods.

All Johnny wants now is a place to lay his head, but sleep will be elusive as the Water Wizard chooses to attack again, jumping the gun somewhat, as Moondark told him to wait until midnight.

Once again the water constructs are easily dissolved and the Wizard legs it to safety. His impetuosity fails to go unnoticed by Moondark, who rebukes his feeble ally while re-explaining their plan.

So, nearer to midnight and Johnny is still roaming the streets by cycle when he thinks he hears the two bikers he beat up just hours before. Not wanting to aggravate any further trouble, Blaze takes some evasive turns, but is stumped to find the bikers now in front of him.

The cat-and-mouse chase leads to the edge of Lake Michigan, where once again monstrous water constructs take shape and rise up to deal damage to Johnny Blaze. Loosing his inner Demon comes reflexively, but this time his Satan-spawned powers have no effect on the Water Wizard's pets.

Moondark has augmented the Wizard's powers with his own mystical energy. He's not brave or strong enough to face Ghost Rider alone, but overwhelming pride means he can't resist showing his hand; and face, rather than let the Water Wizard take sole credit for the Demon's demise.

The mystic has made a grievous mistake, as Hellfire burns him to the very core. Recognizing his error, Moondark flees back to shadow dimension from which he hailed.

Back to square one for the Water Wizard, who loses control over his constructs. He suffers the indignity of being saved from his own creation by the Ghost Rider. But before he can express any relief or gratitude, the Satan scion fires a bolt of pure, unadulterated Hellfire upon the hapless loser. Leaving him a gibbering, quivering wreck by the roadside.


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