Spellbinders (1986) 6-A

Comic Book by Quality Comics, Jul 01 1987
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Spellbinders (1986) 6-A by Quality Comics
Spellbinders (1986) 6-A by Quality Comics


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:JUL 01 1987

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Cover by Steve Whitaker

Nemesis the Warlock: "The Gothic Empire" part 18-20 reprinted from issues 404-406 of 2000 A.D. (UK)

Nemesis the Warlock and Torquemada face off for a final duel to the death, but in an ironic twist, once Nemesis has stripped Torquemada's true nature naked for all to see, it is his own people who administer Torquemada's death. Elsewhere, Nemesis' son, Thoth, shows a bent for violence and all of his father's powers, and then some.

Nemesis the Warlock: "Ego Trip" reprinted from issue 430 of 2000 A.D. (UK)

Nemesis the Warlock runs a sabatoge mission against Torquemada and gets injured in the process. He takes refuge in an unsuspecting clerk's body in order to heal.

Amadeus Wölf: "The Vengeance of Ranak the Red" reprinted from the UK comic book Smash!. In the original, the title character was named Cursitor Doom but was changed to Amadeus Wölf for this reprint.

Amadeus Wolf's assistant Jimmy Brannigan helps his archeologist uncle on a dig to recover the remains of Ranak the Red, a fierce sea-warrior who allegedly possessed mystic powers. They discover the crypt, but notice that odd things are happening...that time seems to be moving backwards as they grow younger by the moment. Ranak lives once again, and only Wolf's mystic powers can reverse the spell.

Nemesis's Future-Shocks: "Fangs" reprinted from issue 34 of 2000 A.D. (UK) - this story was titled Tharg's Future-Shocks in it's original publication.

Three planetary explorers are attacked by bat-like creatures, but manage to escape. One, however, is infected and becomes a space vampire. Only the chef of the ship knows what to do when conventional weapons fail to stop the threat.

This US edition has "July" printed on the cover whereas the UK edition has "May" (the interior content is the same).


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