2000 A.D. (UK) 5-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Mar 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 5-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 5-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:MAR 01 1977



Item Biography

Invasion – The Resistance: Incident five.
As the leader of the resistance group code named "Mad Dog", Bill Savage and his crew overrun a Volgan checkpoint. Volgan units are dispatched right away to take care of the Mad Dogs but fall foul of a booby trap set by the resistance. Savage tries to stir up some support during an impromptu speech at Trafalgar Square but is set upon by Volgan tanks. After some quick thinking the tanks are turned to scrap when a granite column is blown up to come crashing down on the invaders. Bill Savage and his Mad Dogs hightail it out of there to set up their hideout in the East London docklands.

Flesh – Flesh Book I: Episode 5.
The Tyrannosaurs have broken through the plastic dome protecting Carver City and are running amok. The robotic sheriff is holding all the guns and won’t release them to the citizens of Carver City to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Earl Reagan battles it out with Old One Eye to get a gland from her neck that contains a vaccine that can save his friend Joe Brontowski. Injured, Old One Eye continues her rampage along with the other dinosaurs that have entered through the breach. Claw Carver, the owner of Carver City, is out for the blood of Earl Reagan believing him to be responsible for the dinosaur attack, but the pair strike up an unlikely alliance, albeit temporary, to fight their common enemy.

Harlem Heroes – Harlem Heroes: Episode 5.
After learning that the road crash that nearly wiped out their team may have been sabotage the Harlem Heroes strike back with a vengance in the second period against the Baltimore Blues. After winning the game, Giant and the rest of the team are approached by Ulysses Cord, head of ‘Trans-World Networks’. Cord wants to sponsor the Harlem Heroes in the World Campionships but Giant has an uneasy feeling about his offer…

Dan Dare – Dan Dare: Sequence 5.
The survey party, led by Dan Dare, has landed in Jupiter’s red spot. The party is attacked by monstrous bug-like creatures resulting in Dan Dare and Commander Monday being transported inside one of the creatures stomach. Meanwhile, back on the Odyssey, the alien creature that had beamed aboard has now broken free of the Medic-Sector and is holding Dr. Ziggy Rodann hostage. Hesitation by the acting commander, Mr Milton, allows the alien to take control of the ship!

M.A.C.H.1 - Probesnatch (single episode).
While on vacation in the West Indies, John Probe is forced to accompany illegal weapons dealer Otto Brandt who wants the secret to Probes superhuman abilities. While being interrogated aboard Brandts airboat, John Probe unleashes his M.A.C.H.1 abilities and escapes causing the plane to crash, killing Otto Brandt in the process.

Judge Dredd – Krong (single episode)

First appearance of Judge Dredds housekeeper Maria.

The curator of a movie special effects museum has a personal vendetta against the executives of the ‘Sensor-Round’ company who specialize in holographic projection. He uses old movie animatronics to murder his victims. When Judge Dredd closes in on his target, the curator sends the giant animatronic ape "Krong" on a rampage. When Krong climbs the Sensor-Round building Dredd pursues him on a sky-road and crashes his lawmaster bike into his head causing the giant robotic ape to fall from the tower crushing the offending curator.

This story has several parallels to the movie King Kong. Also, the name given to the curator is Kevin O’Neill. This is probably a reference to the 2000AD artist, writer & creator Kevin O’Neill who later went on to work on well known titles such as Marshal Law and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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