Penthouse Comix 3-A

Comic Book by Penthouse, Sep 01 1994
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Penthouse Comix 3-A by Penthouse
Penthouse Comix 3-A by Penthouse


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:SEP 01 1994
Content:18 +


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Young Captain Adventure, Episode 3: Implosion"

The results of Bad Girls' experiment on Captain Adventure and Hericane. It's not a pretty sight! (*continues in issue #4)

"The Origin of Hericane"

Back before Emily Feldman was breaking hearts and taking numbers as Hericane, she was simply Emily Feldman brat daughter to mammoth movie producer Max Feldman.

"Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny, Episode 2: Death from above"

A captive of Agent D, Joanna must find a way to escape before it's too late. With what Agent D has in mind, it may already be too late. (*continues in issue #4*)

"Bethlehem Steele, Episode 2: Tanaka's Genesis"

The how and where of Bethlehem's past is now revealed. (*continues in issue #4*)

"Libby in the Lost World, Episode 3; Spring Fever."

Libby has a list of things, Uggah is less than helpful. The worst thing is that Uggah keeps getting them lost and refuse to ask for directions. (*continues in issue #4*)

"Pets, Episode 2; Penitentiary Pajama Party"

One all-girl band, a prison full of deprived female inmates and rock-music will not lead to a "good" end.

"Dixie Snake eyes"

A vigilante babe with a "cruel" way to kill her prey.

"Scion, Episode 3; The Plan"

With the presence of Rasputin and Bear, our duo needs to find another way to contact the Commissar. (*continues in issue #4*)


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