Nexus: Wages of Sin 2-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Apr 01 1995
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Nexus: Wages of Sin 2-A by Dark Horse
Nexus: Wages of Sin 2-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1995
Sale Date:APR 27 1995


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"The Most Dangerous Man in the Galaxy"

*Rupert Munson is a telepath, a serial killer, a psychopathic genius of staggering proportions. Locked away in the Web's most secure prison, he's no longer a threat to society but a rich, haunting ghost story that keeps children awake at night. Or is he... ?

The Web, staring down a law suit based on claims of cruel and unusual punishment, is forced to install vid units in each cell. But Munson isn't satisfied with a box that simply receives signals. He's looking to broadcast, and his telepathic programming is less than suitable for any viewers. Alone in his cold, dark cell, armed with only a converted vid unit, Munson is on the loose again, and in a place no one would think to look for him. No one, that is, except Nexus, the most feared executioner in the galaxy. But are even his abilities enough against "The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe?" *Source:


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