Gen13: Starting Over 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by WildStorm, Jan 01 1999
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Gen13: Starting Over 1-A by WildStorm
Gen13: Starting Over 1-A by WildStorm


Cover Price:$14.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1999
Sale Date:JUL 28 1999


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Collects Gen13 (Vol 2) #1-7. Also includes all 13 variant covers of Gen13 (Vol 2) #1 and the covers for Gen13: Rave and WildStorm Archives: Gen13. This trade concludes with a brief "Secrets of Gen13" section that points out some of the influences, problems, and cameos in the art.

*Government agencies out to get you? Gen-Factor got you down? Worried how you look in spandex?

That makes you a prime candidate for Gen13! To help you catch up, follow the crazy adventures of Fairchild, Grunge, Rainmaker, Burnout, and Freefall. From the sunny shores of California to the exotic jungles of Coda Island, these five super-powered teenagers tour the world as they stay one step ahead of the covert organization that's out to get them. Even in the cobbled streets of Italy, the Gen-Active gang finds starting over isn't as easy as they thought! *Source: Back Cover


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