Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 5-A

Comic Book by Aspen, Feb 01 2010
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Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 5-A by Aspen
Michael Turner's Soulfire: New World Order 5-A by Aspen


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:FEB 01 2010
Sale Date:FEB 24 2010
Caption:Francisco Herrera Cover


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"The Great Escape"
"Resurgence, Part 5"

*Magic flourishes once again. Unbelievable power courses through the lands... and A NEW WORLD ORDER is at hand. It's showdown time! The pulse-pounding conclusion to SOULFIRE: NEW WORLD ORDER sees Cruz ultimately decide what path-and role-he will take in this new world. Meanwhile, Pili and Heather attempt to not only escape the ruthless Dragon Riders but also the magic-siphoning grasp of the madman, Cole. And just when things couldn't get any bleaker for the pair, the arrival of Saxon and Blackjack adds to the chaos, forcing an all-out battle for life and death! Brought to you by the acclaimed international art team of Francisco Herrera and Leonardo Olea, with words provided by scribe J. T. Krul, SOULFIRE: NEW WORLD ORDER will leave you clamoring for more! Plus, this final 5th issue also includes part 5 of a special 4 page back-up story brought to you by the upcoming SOULFIRE Volume 2 creative team of J.T. Krul, Marcus To, Saleem Crawford and Beth Sotelo. This unique bonus story leads directly into this month's SOULFIRE Volume 2 #0 issue, providing you with two incredible SOULFIRE tales for the price of one! *Source: aspencomics.com


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