Demon Knight: A Grimjack Graphic Novel 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by First, Nov 01 1989
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Demon Knight: A Grimjack Graphic Novel 1-A by First
Demon Knight: A Grimjack Graphic Novel 1-A by First


Cover Price:$8.95
Publish Date:NOV 01 1989


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The mercenary Grimjack, who takes "the bad jobs--the nasty jobs--that other people don't want," is hired to enter Chronost Marshall's palace and pull the plug on the mechanism that controls time travel. The mechanism is out of control and causing a time storm over the city of Cynosure. Warned that he could get stuck in a time loop, Grimjack enters anyway and manages to ignore all the faces and hands that reach out to him form his turbulent past. Nevertheless, when his dead lover Rhian and her dead family and world resurface, he is drawn back to that time and place, call Pdwyr. Although he has long since been reborn into another body, he is recognized by Maethe, the ruler of Pdwyr and Rhian's father. Knowing that Pdwyr will soon be destroyed by demons, Grimjack tries to convince Maethe to defend the world, but to his horror, Maethe refuses, preferring not to twist the peaceful soul of Pdwyr with warfare. Rhian also refuses once she recognizes her lover. Nevertheless, Grimjack is determined to change the past and drive away at least a few of the personal demons that haunt him. ***Source: Graphic Novels: A Bibliographic Guide to Book-length Comics.



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