Avengers (1963) 83-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1970
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Avengers (1963) 83-B by Marvel
Avengers (1963) 83-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.05
Publish Date:DEC 01 1970
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved

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"Come on in... ...the Revolution's Fine!"

The Valkyrie calls together a gathering of women superheroes, including Medusa, Black Widow, Wasp, and the Scarlet Witch, and inspires them with a Womens' Liberation speech to form their own group, the Lady Liberators. Little do they know that, behind her words are magics, not only to induce them to do her bidding, but also to conceal her true identity. She leads them on a mission to Rutland Vermont to Tom Fagan's Halloween Parade. The male members of the Avengers are there on a mission, as are the Masters of Evil, all intent on finding a certain scientist with a device that will allow travel between alternate realities. The orchestrator of this event turns out to be the Enchantress, who needs the device to restore her full powers. After all the fighting is done, the Lady Liberators disband, vowing to stage a comeback some day if the need should arise.



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