Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth nn-A

Hard Cover by Marvel, Jan 01 1990
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Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth nn-A by Marvel
Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth nn-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$18.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1990
Caption:Dust Jacket

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*What in the world is the Amazing Spider-Man doing in Scotland?

Would you believe he's there on a second honeymoon with his beautiful wife, Mary Jane, when he discovers the castle she inherited is haunted? Upon investigating the local night life, New York's neurotic super hero nearly loses his life to a ghostly knight hell-bent on evicting the castle's new owners permanently. Things don't get any better when murderous members of Scotland's bizzare branch of the Hellfire Club turn up to greet the web-spinner.

This wild wondrous adventure is brilliantly brought to life by one of today's foremost fantasy illustrators, Charles Vess. Painstakingly painted over the course of two years, Charles has created a comic art masterpiece, sure to take your breath away.

Peter Parker was a shy high school student attending a science exhibit, when he was bitten by a radioactive spider which granted him the proportionate strength and speed of the arachnid, as well as a mysterious Spider-Sense that can alert him to all forms of danger. Devising a colorful costume and creating a powerful synthetic web-fluid, he became the reluctant super hero the world knows as the Amazing Spider-Man.

Today he attends college as a grad student, works as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, and is husband to actress/model Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

"Spirits of the Earth" removes the Amazing Spider-Man from his usual stomping grounds of New York City's mean streets and plunks him down in Soctland's beautiful countryside. Like a spider torn from his web, he must adapt to an environment where there are no tall buildings from which to swing and instead of earth-bound super-villains, he must face supernatural forces that defy scientific logic.

It all begins innocently enough, when returning home after dealing with a routine street crime he discovers that his wife has inherited a castle in Scotland. Hopping the next jet to Europe, our heroes embark on what will soon be their second haunted honeymoon.

Before the first night's over, Spidey encounters a homicidal ghost, angered townspeople, and members of the Hellfire Club. Then it gets worse.

Will Spidey's European vacation be his last? *Source: Dust Jacket


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