Amazing Adventures (1961) 4-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 1961
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Amazing Adventures (1961) 4-A by Marvel
Amazing Adventures (1961) 4-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:SEP 01 1961
Content:CCA Approved

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"I Am Robot X" (V-265) by Lee and Kirby/Ayers. 13 pages.
A scientist invents the first sentient robot, but is shocked when the local newspaper publisher whips up a campaigne of fear against it. Robot X escapes a lynch mob, and works to uncover the fact that the publisher is not human himself.

"The Pact" (9734) 2 pages, text with spot illustration.

"Who or What Was... The Bootblack?" (V-264) by Lee and Ditko. 5 pages.
Ruthless millionaire Simon Sledge means to buy his competition and put them out of business for good. He kills the time before signing the deal by getting a shoe-shine. The Bootblack (or shoe-shine), who works for a higher authority, sees to it that Sledge misses his opportunity.

"What Lurks Within?" (V-266) featuring Dr. Droom by Kirby and Ayers. 6 pages.
An alien ship lands in a farm field, and Dr. Droom is called to determine if the visitors are friend or foe. Before Droom's wit, the aliens flee, having failed to call Droom's bluff.


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