Drag Comics 1-A

Comic Book by Sham Publication, Jan 01 1970
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Drag Comics 1-A by Sham Publication
Drag Comics 1-A by Sham Publication


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JAN 01 1970
Caption:Newspaper Format


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"Snake Bite" When Don "The Snake" Prudhomme is having trouble qualifying his good old uncle Lou comes to the rescue.

"A/Gas" When a first time racer goes in to buy a firesuit the man behind the counter tells him what he really needs.

"Technically Speaking" This is the story of what happened when "Dyno Don" Nicholson took a new pit crew member to the Winter Nationals.

"One For The Road" What happens when you take a car built for the dragstrip for a test drive on a city street?

"Show Biz" A look at a run by Bill "Maverick" Golden in his Little Red Wagon.

"Hard Nose" This is a story about a guy who ends up behind a V.W. "Bug" and refuses to pass using the right lane.

"All Wrapped Up" Clyde and his buddy try using the same thing that the seabees use as a landing strip for a dragstrip. Re-printed from Drag Cartoons #49 4/68.

"Double A Fooler" A man in his Model "A" ask what appears to be a stock Nova to a street race.

"Suspicions Confirmed" A pair of new officers go after a speeding car that runs a stop sign.

"Weight Fo'Me" A pair of racers decide that they need to add weight to the front of their dragster in order to keep the front wheels on the ground. Re-printed from Drag Cartoons #49 4/68.

"A Mans Best Friend ain't really..." The owner of a new garage and friend of the man who owns a 1940 Ford convinces the car owner to let him fix the car and he will get the best deal around. Re-printed from Drag Cartoons #49 4/68.

"Sounds of Protest" When a mechanic is tuning up his friends hot rod he thinks he hears something wrong and won't stop until the sound is gone. Re-printed from Drag Cartoons #49 4/68.



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