Wonder Woman Annual (1987) 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Aug 01 1988
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Wonder Woman Annual (1987) 1-A by DC
Wonder Woman Annual (1987) 1-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 1988
Content:CCA Approved



Story Arcs

Item Biography


Illustrated by: Brian Bolland & Mark Farmer.


Illustrated by: Chris Marrinan & Willie Blyberg.

Diana takes Julia and Vanessa to meet her family and friends on Themyscira.

(The Diving Bird)

Illustrated by: Arthur Adams.

Venilia retells a tale to Julia and Vanessa of when Diana was younger. The tale turns out to be the premise for "The Dive of the Nereid’s" which is held yearly.


Illustrated by: John Bolton.

Hippolyte recounts a tale to Diana of a young Hippolyte and Antiope. The story revolves around Queen Hypsipyle and her trek back to Lemnos.

(The First Statue)

Illustrated by: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

A tale of the Amazon Egeria and how she gave her life to protect her "sisters" and the world.

(Into the world we go forth)

Illustrated by: Curt Swan & Bob McLeod.

An untold story of Julia Kapatelis' past from an Amazon who was there when it happened.

(Flight of the Icarus)

Illustrated by: Ross Andru & George Perez.

A tale of Steve Trevor and Etta Candy as they volunteer to test a new jet war-plane.


Illustrated by: Brian Bolland & Mark Farmer.

Vanessa and Julia have to say goodbye to their new friends, but take more than memories with them when they leave Themyscira.

"Private Lives; Testament"

Illustrated by: George Perez, Todd Klein & Carl Gafford.

At a viewing of Myndi Mayers video will, Diana finds why she must do one last task for Myndi Mayer.

Note: Cover art provided by George Perez and John Stracuzzi.


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