Devi 6-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Dec 01 2006
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Devi 6-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 6-A by Virgin Comics


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Publish Date:DEC 01 2006
Sale Date:DEC 13 2006


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*The durapasya, Devi's followers on earth, have captured the chosen Devi incarnate, Tara Mehta, and begin the ceremony that would end Tara's life while heralding the arrival of the Devi into her body. But the ceremony is cut short by the arrival of Lord Bala's right hand man, Iyam, his ally the apsara assassin Kratha, and inspector Rahul Singh, who alone seems intent on saving Tara's life.

As numerous deadly would-be killers battle over Tara's unconscious body, the gods complete their blessings, unaware that the ceremony has been compromised. The Devi spirit enters Tara's body in a huge surge of power and is reborn... but Tara Mehta is still alive, and very upset. Not inclined to be any god's pawn, she ignores the pleas of her followers and leaves with Rahul.

After the dust settles, Iyam and Kratha are captured by the durapasya, and in the absence of a move from Lord Bala, matters reach an uneasy stalemate.

And no one knows what has become of the Devi... *Source: Devi #6


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