Marvel Tales (1966) 10-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 1967
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Marvel Tales (1966) 10-A by Marvel
Marvel Tales (1966) 10-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:SEP 01 1967
Content:CCA Approved

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Cover is a montage of cover reproductions from the books reprinted inside.

"Kraven the Hunter!" 22 pages.
Reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #15.

"The Painter of a Thousand Perils!" featuring the Human Torch by Lee/Berns and Kirby/Ayers. 13 pages.
Reprinted from Strange Tales (1951) #108.
The Human Torch is successful foiling robberies around the city, but worries about the next evil genius to target him. Elsewhere, counterfeiter Wilhelm Van Vile is having an audience with crime bosses, where he demonstrates an ability to bring his paintings to life by the use of magic paints he found. He has a vendetta against the Torch for putting him in jail, and he plans to use the rest of the Fantastic Four to make it happen.

"The Gypsy's Secret!" featuring the Wonderful Wasp by Lee/Lieber and Lieber/Bell. 5 pages.
Reprinted from Tales to Astonish (1959) #55.
Hank has his nose in his work and no time for Jan. She tells him a cautionary tale of a man who tried too hard to get everything he wanted, just to lose it all.

"The Day Loki Stole Thor's Magic Hammer" featuring the Mighty Thor by Lee/Berns and Sinnott. 13 pages.
Reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #92.
Loki is chained to a rock in Asgard in penance for his crimes. He plots his revenge against his half-brother and thinks that Thor can be defeated without his hammer, Mjolnir. Loki opens a window of teleportation that causes the flying Mjolnir to sever his bonds. Thor must then quest to recover the hammer, a task that Loki makes more dangerous with his traps.
First appearance of Odin's wife, Frigga (spelled Fricka in this story).


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