Men of Mystery 56-A

Comic Book by AC, Sep 01 2005
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Men of Mystery 56-A by AC
Men of Mystery 56-A by AC


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Publish Date:SEP 01 2005



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*Another cornucopia of costumed character classics not seen since comics' Golden Age- the 1940's!! Start off with cover feature BULLETMAN, one of the most popular heroes of the era, appearing in not ONE but TWO stories this issue; "The Strange Hostage" (from Master Comics #102) drawn by Bill Ward; and "Bulletman- Tunes Out Station C-R-I-M-E!!" Then, it's the fearsome & enigmatic HEAP, in an untitled story illustrated by the great Ernie Schroeder. Ibis The Invincible rings in in a top-flight adventure out of a 1946 issue of Whiz Comics; "The Sinister Seeds"- very well-drawn, but the artist is unidentified. The TARGET and the TARGETEERS break up a milk-hijacking scam, as rendered by Joe Certa; the somewhat bizarre costumed defender, The YELLOWJACKET faces "The Steel Coffin Case", with art by Ken Battefield, and the VERY bizarre STARDUST (soon to RETURN to comics in an upcoming issue of FEMFORCE!!) returns in a surreal adventure against- "The Mad Giant"!!- weirdly rendered by Henry Fletcher. As always, quality, complete-story reprints as originally published by Fawcett, Fox Features, Curtis, Frank Communale & Hillman. *Source:


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