Adventure Comics (1938) 327-A

Comic Book by DC, Dec 01 1964
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Adventure Comics (1938) 327-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 327-A by DC


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:DEC 01 1964
Content:CCA Approved



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"Children of Tomorrow!"

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Lone Wolf Legionnaire"
While investigating a series of robberies on the planet Zoon, the Legion discovers a man named Karth Arn, who possesses incredible powers and who calls himself the Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf is offered membership in the Legion, however he turns the offer down, claiming he is an android and therefore cannot be a member of the Legion. The Legion soon end up in the home of Dr. Mar Londo, a scientist who has created several life-like androids. The Legion soon discover that Dr. Londo's son Brin is actually a android, who convinced the real Brin that he was a android. The Legion again find the Lone Wolf, who is actually the real Brin Londo. He is again asked to join,and he now accepts their offer.

An untitled Casey the Cop strip.

An untitled Varsity Vic strip.

Superboy in "The Menace of Superboy's Father!"
reprinted from Superboy (Vol 1) #48.
Pa Kent suffers from amnesia, and doesn't remember that his son Clark is actually Superboy.


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